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On 17.11.2011 03:54, Daniel Morissette wrote:
> On 11-11-16 09:36 PM, Helena Mitasova wrote:
>> I would like to express my support for Martin's nomination.
> [...]
>> ...  so he would be great to have on
>> the conference and education committees.
> Nothing against Martin's nomination, but I wanted to point out the fact
> that it is not a requirement to be a charter member to participate on
> any of OSGeo's committees AFAIK.

Good point. Let's reiterate, just to make sure: Everybody is free to
participate anywhere in OSGeo. This includes committee work, conference
organization, Web site, Marketing, founding Local Chapters, managing
OSGeo presence at events and so on. This is where the real life happens.
And if you are chair of a committee (meaning that you were elected by
peers because of your good work ) you automatically become a vice
president of OSGeo.

OSGeo Charter Members only nominate and elect the board of directors.
This happens once a year. In the rare case that OSGeo needs to change
it's bylaws we also need to go through he Charter Membership. This is
not to belittle the Charter Membership but just to make sure that this
is not a barrier to any activity in OSGeo.


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