[OSGeo-Discuss] Mapnik (GPX) vs MapServer/GeoServer (OGC)

Frans Thamura frans at meruvian.org
Thu Nov 17 20:38:20 PST 2011

> i want to bring FOSS4G to bigger one, all related to GIS.. but based on

> I definitely second this.
> Without this concept, we would be isolated ourself from whole geospatial
> ocean.
thx toru-san ..

that will be honour for me to create FOSS4G Indonesia, i believe can start
next year.. :)

this is bigger scope and better value to conduct it

but i still get unanswer question regarding to FOSS4G.org, why tokyo and
osaka & korea are not in the website.

which venka said that open to anyone to create local event using FOSS4G

I think that will be cool, if here we can have subdomain, like jp.foss4g.orgor
id.foss4g.org (indonesia)

so all consolidated there..

any idea for this request

and i see also foss4g.org main website need touch to make it better, to
bring wave to the world.

any idea all?

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