[OSGeo-Discuss] Charter Member Election - Time to vote!

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Fri Nov 18 14:35:57 PST 2011

Below is a copy of the vote invitatioon that has been sent directly to 
all charter members, in case some of you do not get it directly for one 
reason or another.

Please do not reply with your votes via the discuss list: make sure you 
follow the instructions below and send your votes to the address 
cro at osgeo.org.


Dear OSGeo Charter Member,

The voting period for the 2011 OSGeo Charter Member Election has begun. 
This year there are 34 great candidates for only 20 slots so you will 
have some tough choices to make.

The official list of nominees and descriptions for each one is available 
online here:


(the list is in the order that the nominations were received)

Please take some time to review the full list and then send your votes 
to cro at osgeo.org

* Only Charter Members are eligible to vote!
* Please email cro at osgeo.org with a list of names 20 lines long (one 
vote per new member slot).
* You can vote for 20 different people, or the same person 20 times, or 
any balance in between.
* Ballots that do not respect those rules risk being rejected
* Voting closes at 23:59 (your timezone) on Sunday November 27, 2011
* Here is the list of nominees in plain text (to copy/paste from for 
your votes), in the same order that they appear in the official list:

Kwangwoo Nam
Minpa Lee
Pedro-Juan Ferrer Matoses
Suchith Anand
Brian Case
Sanghee Shin
Luca Delucchi
Vincent Picavet
Eric Lemoine
Yoicihi Kayama
Xianfeng Song
Dirk Frigne
Martin Daly
Maning Sambale
Fernando Quadro
Tim Sutton
Margherita Di Leo
Nicolas Bozon
Massimo Di Stefano
Evans Ikua
Even Rouault
Luiz Motta
George Silva
Robert Anderson
Edmar Moretti
G.Hanumantha Rao
Jachym Cepicky
Stephen Woodbridge
Gabriel Roldán
Martin Landa
Lluís Vicens
Eli Adam
Franz-Josef Behr
Bob Basques

IMPORTANT: There are 104 charter members voting for 20 candidates, so 
this means 2080 votes to compile. Please follow the requested format 
when you cast your votes to make it as easy as possible to automate the 
compilation process.

* Once again: one vote per line, up to 20 lines, emailed to cro at osgeo.org *

Thank you!

Daniel Morissette (OSGeo CRO, 2011)

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