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Gérald Fenoy gerald.fenoy at geolabs.fr
Sat Nov 19 00:59:07 PST 2011

Dear all,
I think the same that SAC is not responsible for this domain

I think that some peoples remember that during the FOSS4G in Syndney
I amongst other already pointed out this situation. Indeed, during the FOSS4G 
2009 the situation was exactly the same. I also took advantage to be in Japan
with Arnulf in 2009 to mention one more time that the situation was this one.
Hopefully, some months after the link was corrected. At this moment, I thought
that it cannot be acceptable that a single company can take advantage of the 
OSGeo name this way.

Note that now, IMO it is perfectly acceptable to be represented by a company 
like the one which is currently accessible via the osgeo.eu link. As this company 
did, do and will do a lot for funding / promoting / being involved into OSGeo. 
This company is representative of OSGeo.

Nevertheless, I think that the page on which user arrive should not be a general 
presentation of the company but maybe the description of their involvement in 
OSGeo. I mean, a page more dedicated / specific to OSGeo. Honestly, if we look 
at the osgeo.eu page, the OSGeo logo looks lost amongst all the other logos 
(yes, it is here, the small one on your left).

I would like to insist on something here. As the osgeo.eu never got any web site,
I think that there was nothing done volontary here. I mean that I think that this is
only an error made by the guy which setup the new dns entries and that's it. Or
maybe I prefer to think that is the case ... I don't know :)

Anyway, I like a lot the Arnulf sentence published in 2009, I think it is good to 
keep it in mind and which say a lot : 

  "OSGeo is nothing without you doing it."

Making OSGeo a redirection to a company can be one way, I don't know.
Nevertheless, it should imply some checking by OSGeo members to make sure 
that the pages pointed by osgeo.* are really dedicated to OSGeo. 

How to deal with other european companies which should appreciate to participate 
in the effort to promote OSGeo in €urope ... Things can become difficult if a single
company get the full access to the osgeo.eu domain and don't want to share it.
I'm sure that, in this case, this is not the subject, but if we are thinking in a general
level, we should notify this also. 

What about making all osgeo.* domains the OSGeo's property ? Then OSGeo SAC 
will be responsible to setup DNS for all the dedicated OSGeo sites ... Adding more 
work but provide more control over *our OSGeo name*. Community taking control
on its own name make sense to me.

Best regards,

Le 19 nov. 2011 à 02:23, Frank Warmerdam a écrit :

> Venka,
> If local chapters open a ticket with SAC, then I
> or others can setup a redirect from X.osgeo.org
> to another site.  I do not believe that OSGeo SAC
> controls the osgeo.eu site.  In fact our domain admin
> cannot generally do anything except the major
> domains (.com, .org, .net).
> Best regards,
> On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 5:19 PM, Venkatesh Raghavan
> <raghavan at media.osaka-cu.ac.jp> wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> Nice to see the OSGeo Local Chapter pages growing.
>> We now have osgeo.jp, osgeo.kr, osgeo.cn, osgeo.in, osgeo.id,
>> osgeo.eu and perhaps several more that I am not
>> aware off.
>> jp.osgeo.org redirects to Japan Local Chapter page
>> (osgeo.jp) and it would be nice to see cn.osgeo.org,
>> in.osgeo.org etc. redirecting to respective
>> Local Chapter pages.
>> Strangely, osgeo.eu redirects to camptocamp.com.
>> I think osgeo.eu should redirect to a page showing
>> a list of the very active Local Chapters that we have
>> in the EU zone.
>> Best
>> Venka
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Gérald Fenoy
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