[OSGeo-Discuss] Geoserver 2.1.2

carlos sousa springaleek at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 02:11:40 PST 2011

Hello list,

I'm having trouble creating a ImageMosaic of a list of 612 files, in
tif format. I've read all the documentation on geoserver forum,
nabble, geosolutions, etc and i've come to a standstill.
The only way I can insert it into Geoserver is if the file directory
containing the images, are in png, with the respective prj (projcs
epsg:20790 - from geoserver) files and the pgw (created from the
original gfw) files.
With tif's, gif's, jpg's or any other the message is always the same:

    * Could not list layers for this store, an error occurred
retrieving them: Unable to acquire a reader for this coverage with
format: ImageMosaic

With the files in .png format, geoserver successfully publishes the
sequence (I tried with a subset of 2 and then of 20). The problem is
that from what I read, png's are compressed formats and when geoserver
has to serve the mosaic with a WMS request (on qgis, for exemple)
geoserver runs into the ground.
The 2 image subset took about 4 minutes to load and the the 20 image
subset, after 5 hours, didn't load, and I gave up. So I assume the
problem is with the .tif file that somehow does not comply with what
the plugin expects as an image, or that the .prj file has to have some
special value, or even a .properties file that must exist prior to
trying to create the mosaic.

I'm nowhere near an expert but I dont want to give up on geoserver
since it's worked well on me since 2.0.0 with every other type of my
geographic information needs.

Thank you!


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