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On 02.10.2011 12:50, Carsten Troelsgaard wrote:
> Jeroen, it looks very promising - I look forward to delve on it and will
> surely keep it for further reference.
> Arnulf, the osgeo page has links to projects. The tab/ web mapping  has
> an array of (similar at a glance) web mapping projects (mapbender,
> mapfish ...). I assume that the projects have functional overlap. Is
> there any other way to 'evaluate' without scrutinizing all of them
> individually?

Hi Carsten,
there are several comparisons around but none of them will be "endorsed"
by OSGeo an has the "one right answer". The Open Sourece ecosystm is so
diverse that there will always be competing projects, each of them good
in what they do. It is really up to you to find out which one suits your
needs better. In the end diversity wins. If you opt for an OSGeo project
you can be sure that the licencing is right and that there is a
community behind the project.

A good example might be a mapping framework comparison we gave at a
FOSS4G conference [1]. 30 slides explain the primary areas of use for
the projects OpenLayers, Mapbender, GeoMajas and MapFish. They all
appear under the category "web mapping" but are still different,
complement or even build on each other.

Web map servers can be compared in the benchmark / shootout that takes
place at FOSS4G each year [2]. But again - this is just one aspect of
the software. Other aspects might include that you have a company around
your place that can help you [3]. Or you might be looking for
maintenance contracts to support you when you go online with a massive

...and if you ask on this list eventually every project will answer and
let you know that they are the best (the projects that do not answer are
busy getting better). It is what we are here for. :-)

Again - if you have ideas how we could better guide new parties through
the different options let this list know.

Best regards,

[3] http://www.osgeo.org/search_profile

> Thanks a lot to both of you
> CarstenT
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