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Mon Oct 3 08:16:07 PDT 2011

Dear readers and fossgis worldwide community,

It´s a great pleasure to announce that the FOSSGIS Brasil Magazine #03 is
launched. In this issue #03 we talk about the situation of free and
opensource geotechnologies in Brazil, specially concerning the reasons to
use, challenges of incorporating it to public institutions and tips to
guarantee a smooth migration. Also, there is a brief report about Portugal
and what has been done with FOSSGIS in this country.

Still about public policies and government, we talk about the "i3Geo"
software applied to public management. "i3Geo" is a brazilian opensource
software created inside the brazilian Environment Ministry by developer
Edmar Moretti, which is also the interviewee of our 3rd edition, where he
talks more about this great tool.

In addiction, you can know more about the ILWIS project, a former
proprietary Desktop GIS, which is now a healthy opensource project; and
about GISVM, a GIS virtual machine.

Besides others, be sure to read papers about GeoMajas and MapServer
projects; the article about using the WPS standard together with OpenLayers;
and the new section about "breaking taboos: FOSS Software can also do it"

You are able to download this issue accessing:


We hope that you all like it and our team will be happy to receive your
feedback about it. Your comments and suggestions are fundamental to us and
our work.


The FOSSGIS Brasil team
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