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Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 20:29:12 PDT 2011

GeoTools 8.0-M2 Released
The GeoTools 8.0-M1 release is now available on sourceforge for

   - geotools-8.0-M2-bin.zip<http://sourceforge.net/projects/geotools/files/GeoTools%208.0%20Releases/8.0-M2/geotools-8.0-M2-bin.zip/download>
   - geotools-8.0-M2-project.zip<http://sourceforge.net/projects/geotools/files/GeoTools%208.0%20Releases/8.0-M2/geotools-8.0-M2-project.zip/download>
   - geotools-8.0-M2-doc.zip<http://sourceforge.net/projects/geotools/files/GeoTools%208.0%20Releases/8.0-M2/geotools-8.0-M2-doc.zip/download>
   - geotools-8.0-M2-userguide.zip<http://sourceforge.net/projects/geotools/files/GeoTools%208.0%20Releases/8.0-M2/geotools-8.0-M2-userguide.zip/download>

If you are using maven GeoTools 8.0-M2 is available from the OSGeo
repository. This is a milestone build made conjunction with uDig

There are lots of exciting improvements (see the release notes below for the
complete list).

Micheal Bedward has been putting an amazing amount of work into the gt-swing
module. The visible change is cleaning up the use of MapContent, MapViewport
and the new Layer classes.  The example code used in the documentation has
been updated to reflect the changes to gt-swing.

There are many more improvements under hood for the gt-swing module as the
internals have been refactored to be nice and clean, easy to follow and most
importantly testable. This last point really reflects the hard work and
dedication involved as gt-swing is groomed to meet the QA guidelines
required to be included in the library proper.

Maurcio has found time to update the Contextual Query Language (CQL) to
leverage the the new temporal filter support that has been added to support
WFS 2.0.

Andrea has been very busy supporting the gt-renderer module (in particular
to enable the work in gt-swing). He has also found time to work on a couple
amazing new features - the most popular of which is a new StyleBuilder
allowing the definition of an SLD style in a few lines of code.

Jody got a little bit of time to work on the process support for this
release. The big change is support for annotation based process definition
(with a tutorial created during the FOSS4G code sprint so you can easily
define your own processes). The process implementations have been have been
split into gt-process-raster, gt-process-feature and gt-process geometry and
received a huge influx of high quality implementations from the GeoServer
project. This results in fifty processes being available out of the box.

Finally this release makes use of JTS 1.12 with the wonderful improvement of
equalsExact, equalsTopo and equalsNorm as described in our
This change really improves the usability of Geometry for the JTS library
and reduces frustration for new users.

The following change
proposals<http://docs.codehaus.org/display/GEOTOOLS/Proposals> have
been accepted for GeoTools 8.0:

   - Java 6 - yes! Thanks to Christian Mueller for updating the build
   instructions for this one. Special thanks to Andrea for updating the image
   rendering tests to account for different font metrics between Java 5 and
   Java 6.
   - Allow Build with Maven 2 or Maven 3 - Congrats to Cliff for his first
   change proposal - and Andrea and Ben for doing the work!
   - Temporal Filter Support - another great bit of work from Justin (a
   stepping stone for WFS 2.0)
   - Detailed information about Function arguments and Return Type - thanks
   to Justin and Jody for sorting out the use of Parameters and filling in the
   information for the existing functions. This is a key improvement which will
   make the library and style creation much easier to use.

As always we welcome volunteers to the GeoTools project. We have a great
team, stop by the geotools-developer list and join the
For more information:

   - GeoTools 8.0-M2 Release
   - Core Features<http://docs.geotools.org/latest/userguide/welcome/geotools.html>
   - geotools.org

The GeoTools development team would like to thank the contributors that
provided patches, the users for their feedback and the companies providing
sponsorship to fix bugs.

The GeoTools Community
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