[OSGeo-Discuss] Moving On

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Tue Sep 20 17:21:08 EDT 2011

This weekend the OSGeo Board of Directors held their annual face-to-face 
meeting where they hash out direction, budgets and other items for the 
upcoming year.  For me, the most important outcome from the meeting 
was that they decided to end my position as Executive Director.

It has been an incredible experience working in this position with so many 
great people, communities, technology, and friends.  All for which I'm very
grateful and, honestly, very inspired.

I am reviewing several options for how to continue to build on my experience 
running this social startup.  Open source geo will continue to be on the top 
of my list while I develop new initiatives on these fronts.

Formally I just wanted to wish everyone involved in OSGeo all the best and 
hope to keep in touch where our projects and interest will, undoubtedly, 
continue to overlap.

Over the next two months I'll be handing off my key responsibilities to the board
and others who might be available or interested.  So don't expect me to disappear
anytime soon.


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