[OSGeo-Discuss] free meditation/relaxing movement sessions during FOSS4G 2011

Lisa Sweeney lsweenstar at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 22:35:56 PDT 2011

There are so many interesting people and ideas at FOSS4G that I’ve found it
can be really helpful to have a quiet, meditative moment or two to let it
all sink in. My plan is to hold a few 30-minute, sessions of relaxed
meditative breathing and gentle movements during the FOSS4G conference. The
intention is to help one release stress and relax muscles that commonly
become tight from computer/desk work, travel, carrying bags.. the common
issues that tend to manifest at a week-long conference! I’ve been leading
meditation sessions for co-workers at MIT and receiving very positive
feedback about how helpful they are.

I aim to find an available room and offer sessions during the following

   - Wed. 8 pm
   - Thurs 5:30 pm
   - Friday 5 pm - after the Annual General Meeting

These sessions are available to anyone, including people with no prior
experience with any movement styles, those who do not feel particularly
flexible, and folks who are in their work/meeting clothes.

I have added these sessions to the BOF wiki page:

I'll be seeking out room options and post them to this wiki page once

I hope those who are interested will add their name to the wiki or contact
me via this email address.


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