[OSGeo-Discuss] New Soil Land Planner: Sandro and Carsten's comments

Abe Collins abenewsoil at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 17:29:17 PDT 2011

Hi Sandro, Carsten,

Sandro, thanks for the insight.  I agree with the sentiment, but am a pretty
(completely) simple guy when it comes to the back-end details.  Flash 8
instead of 9 seems to be the key.  I chose the Ning platform because it was
easy for me to set up and had a lot of useful functions.  I hadn't
anticipated the lack of compatibility with systems libre, but will ask about
flash 8 when next in communication with Ning.

Carsten, thanks for the supportive comments. I'm not sure how to enlist you,
but thanks for checking it out.  I expect that the real utility will begin
when users begin to exchange and support each other, and I need to get a
basic level of usefulness before I turn it loose on them.  We graziers and
farmers have our strengths, but computers are rarely one.  Getting the UI to
a very simple, intuitive state is high priority for that reason...remove
every obstacle to participation possible to get at the wealth of
knowledge/experience that many producers have secreted behind their

 All of the code is Aramaic to me, too.  I just have a hunch  about the
functionality I'm looking for.  Just think of all the open-source code in a
teaspoon of soil, with the equivalent of a very busy list-serve for exchange
of info...the bugs may be  unaware of how it's all working, but the info
gets swapped in the process.  The bugs do have a strong hunch that they want
to eat, avoid getting eaten, and reproduce.     I'm like the bugs.

Other users (regulars), please call me out if I'm taking up too much room,
or should carry out conversations in private or something like that.

Cheers, goodnight.
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