[OSGeo-Discuss] will trade grassfed beef for code

Abe Collins abenewsoil at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 17:51:53 PDT 2011

Hello OS GEO folks,

I have received some good feedback and suggestions  from your membership in
response to my post about the New Soil Land Planner about a week back.
 Thank you!

 I've only asked directly for a few bids, and my specs are obviously those
of someone who has not worked with programmers in the past, but I wanted to
ask again - anyone out there whose curiosity is sparked enough to tackle the
punch list outlined in this google doc?


>From the hip bids - in terms of cost and estimated time - are welcomed.  I
recognize that cash money is an excellent means for getting work done, but
I'd also offer that I'm open to bartering about a half of a finished steer
 worth of grass-fed, organic beef (retail value of 1000's of $s)

This beef is good stuff - aggressive grazing management, great genetics and
low-stress handling here on Cimarron Farm means rapid rates of gain and
tender, marbled meat.


This probably betrays the grass-roots nature of the project....!



Abe Collins
abenewsoil at gmail.com
(802) 782-1883
Skype: abe.collins

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