[OSGeo-Discuss] Report from the OSGeo Board meeting

Michael P. Gerlek mpg at flaxen.com
Wed Sep 21 07:53:22 PDT 2011

Puneet wrote:

> However,
> please don't lump outreach there. Outreach is what we all do on a daily

Good point, yes.  I was trying for a short email, and maybe I made it too

There are many different kinds of outreach, and many of us who are active in
OSGeo do "outreach" as part of our daily activities.  The kind of outreach I
was referring to in that part of email, the "strategic" bit, was really
aimed at getting large companies and government bodies on board with us: I
think you would agree that often requires specific background and skills.  A
good example of this is Mark Lucas' work with the US DoD community (see his
email this morning).


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