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Thu Feb 2 15:11:25 PST 2012

Dear Readers,

We are very proud to announce the release of the 4th edition of
FOSSGIS Brasil Magazine.
In this 2012 1st issue, the cover section addresses Medatada theme,
which deserves special attention
of any professional who works with geospatial data.

Reading the related articles you will understand what is metadata and
why it is so important in
geo-technologies context.  As a theory complement, a tutorial about
metadata edition on opensource GIS environment
is available.

In the DESKTOP GIS section, we present more info about Spring
Software, trying to explain
why this brasilian software project is a real case of success in GIS market.
Mobile gis tool users will like to read the paper about the OSM
Tracker initiative. In this issue there is also
a very interesting text about Kosmo SIG customization for mobile applications.

This 4th edition of FOSSGIS Brasil was built with the effort of the
GIS community, including international
contributions. Consering this, be sure to check the interview with
Jeroen Ticheler, founder and CEO at Geonetwork project, and
also the text written for three of the most important contributors of
the gvSIG association, talking about the new development model
for the project of the robust gvSIG GIS suite.

This year, greatest desire for us at FOSSGIS Brasil team is to
continue doing what we have been doing in 2011: To georreference

Linkt to download: http://bit.ly/zFKS3b


The FOSSGIS Brasil team

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