[OSGeo-Discuss] Which Java OS GIS project to join ?

José Antonio Canalejo Alonso jacanalejo at yahoo.es
Tue Feb 14 12:56:34 PST 2012

Hello Andreas,
if gvSIG CE is what you are looking for, you are welcome: www.gvsigce.org
If you are interested in collaborating on the development of the project, sign up to our community mailing list. Once there, please introduce yourself and tell us what you are interested in and we can make you part of the development team.
Best regards!
José Canalejo
gvSIG CE Team 

>On 02/14/2012 09:09 AM, Andreas Paukner-Ruzicka wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like to contribute to a Java based OpenSource GIS project.
> Which ones have backlogs of tasks I can work on as a Java programmer and
> architect ?
> Any recommendations ?
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