[OSGeo-Discuss] How to enable a spatial query with MODE=FEATUREQUERY (CGI mode)?

Eduardo Kanegae eduardo.kanegae at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 16:13:45 PST 2012


I have two layers (poly_layer and point_layer) and using MapServer CGI
interface I wish to:
a) - let user click a polygon at 'poly_layer'
b) - then list attributes of 'point_layer' that are contained into the
polygon choosen at (a)

At my mapfile, both layers has layer->template property set and at CGI
interface (web->template) I'm passing:
- mode = featurequery
- slayer = poly_layer
- qlayer = point_layer

But after the click on map, got only a "not found" error.

Am I doing right use of this mode? Or for this need, is it better to
use another mode?

ps.: all layers are Mapinfo files and can't use PostGIS at this application.

Eduardo Patto Kanegae

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