[OSGeo-Discuss] Remote Sensing in Java

karsten karsten at terragis.net
Thu Feb 16 10:23:35 PST 2012

Dear Rashad,

please also take a look if http://www.sextantegis.com/ has what you need .
Sextante is in 100% Java , has a lot of GIS functions , but also a list of
raster processing and some remote sensing algorithms. One additional benefit
is that it has been integrated with gvSIG , specifically gvSIG CE
(http://gvsigce.sourceforge.net/joomla/index.php/about-gvsig-ce-software ),
and also with Jump. By the way it also does allow the easy integration of
other external algorithms , e.g. that has been done for integration into
ArcGIS or gvSIG via Sextante (i.e. one can access R algorithms and GRASS via
Sextante ...) . 

And not specifically related to Java but remote sensing (and python) this
site has information / reviews of capabilities of many open source libraries
for remote sensing processing and comparisons to privative software such as
Erdas imagine http://cosmicproject.org/


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