[OSGeo-Discuss] any ideas on how to Monitor and Review 'random' files?

Carsten Troelsgaard troelsgaard53c at live.dk
Fri Feb 17 14:04:23 PST 2012

If the only common denominator of all involved is the company you work for, you'll need a gophor.Joke aside. If noone in your organisation can build you a .html that everyone involved can access, you do have a problem.To put resonable scripting on the page and on the server it's downloaded from is your key to the problem - as I can tell -. The page does not need to be hosted on the same server as the files, or for that matter have access to them. But I don't see how you can do anything without information about the files and a central place to process that information. If I'm off the mark, then please let me know. 
Bwt the file-system watcher I mentioned is probably an object that lives within application programming (a .dll) ... easy to program, a nightmare to distribute. I can imagine a dilemma: Putting events (if it's possible) on the arrival/movements of the files could be risky business to write code for. Teaching your staff to use a page that factually is only an appendix to the real work of processing those files could be a not very rewarding task either ...  
> >> It may be possible to add software to the Reviewer's workstation to
> >> assist with this process, but it will be less likely to be able to
> >> deal with the Workers' workstations, and very unlikely to be able
> >> to deal with the servers hosting the file shares.
> >
> > is that to be understood as .. they can view or download from, but
> > not say make any scripts on the server ?
> The servers that host the file shares used by the Workers and/or
> the Reviewer are not available at all to the Workers/Reviewer.
> All they have access to is the file shares, which they use as
> mapped drives. The file servers are managed by a central part
> of the organization, so even the IT staff that supports the
> Workers/Reviewer does not have access to the file servers.
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> Dave Patton
> Victoria, B.C.

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