[OSGeo-Discuss] any ideas on how to Monitor and Review 'random' files?

Carsten Troelsgaard troelsgaard53c at live.dk
Fri Feb 17 14:51:34 PST 2012

At a quick glimps it looks as what I just accomplished today. The page that is downloaded keeps pinging back to the server to give it a chance to post back information.Next step is to find out how the server-internals works. It's a bit of a nusence that I probably will have to consider it 'dead' (not running a thread) .. instead of collecting information in arrays, I'll have to write everything into the proper files (open/read/ calculate something/write/close) for every ping ... all before getting to juggle the 'true' problem-complex. I wouldn't have got anywhere without some years of application-programming.
I'll hit the sack / cheers

> Nibbling away:  Carsten's quite correct, re server-side work needing to be done.
> Now I believe an approach based on xmpp might provide a solution;
> Googling for XMPP and collaboration finds several interesting &
> possibly suitable approaches.
> Especially interesting, IMO, is
> http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/xml/tutorials/x-realtimeXMPPtut/section3.html
> AS
> On 2/17/12, Dave Patton <davep at confluence.org> wrote:
> > On 2012/02/17 11:51 AM, Arnie Shore wrote:
> >
> >> BTW, I believe the OP is looking for handling not a random file
> >> (hardly that!) but an 'arbitrary' user-selected one.
> >
> > Arnie is correct - I should have perhaps said 'arbitrary'.
> > The point is that the Reviewer can't necessarily anticipate how
> > the 'files of interest' will have been 'organized' by the Workers.

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