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Tue Jul 24 18:00:39 PDT 2012

On 2012/07/25 3:40, Mark Lucas wrote:
> Jeff,
> Great to have you back, look forward to working with you again.
Same here. Nice to see Jeff back all fresh and shining.
I would like to second his nomination to the OSGeo Board.

And look forward to his contribution to the community with
renewed vigor and zeal.



> On Jul 24, 2012, at 10:58 AM, Jeff McKenna <jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com> wrote:
>> Hello OSGeo community!
>> I thank Mike for such a nice nomination.  It would be an honor to again
>> represent the OSGeo community on the Board of Directors of OSGeo, and I
>> accept this nomination.
>> General Thoughts
>> ----------------
>> OSGeo for me has always been about the community.  I have worked very
>> hard in my career on specific parts of community building for OSGeo,
>> that often involved no code writing: answering questions on mailing
>> lists (often on non-English lists), documentation, installers, testing
>> new features in software, providing feedback to developers, event
>> planning, hands-on workshops, benchmarking...
>> So, in my mind, the future of OSGeo will still be about the community.
>> Sure, we/OSGeo are in the middle of an interesting time:
>> - a 15,000-strong event is happening as I write this now in San Diego,
>> and a lot of their products are using FOSS code now (this to me is very
>> positive)
>> - FOSS4G regional events are being created all around the globe (I am
>> fascinated as I watch this)
>> - Our recently added Charter Members are mostly all non-North American
>> (wow really a great sign of OSGeo and FOSS4G spreading around the world)
>> - OSGeo revenue sources are not as clear as before
>> - a very interesting group is being formed as we speak, Location
>> Industry Working Group, composed of some key industry players (and we
>> must consider how OSGeo can work with this group, as there is some great
>> momentum being generated there)
>> - a large FOSS4G event will not be happening in 2012
>> Ambitions for OSGeo
>> -------------------
>> I want OSGeo to grow.  I want every person in the geospatial industry to
>> know what OSGeo and FOSS4G are.  I want them to see our passion, to feel
>> it, to experience it.  And I want them to experience it in their local
>> areas.  I want more local chapters forming, more informal chapter
>> meetings over a drink and chat at the local restaurant.
>> Personal Motivation
>> -------------------
>> Some of you might wonder what happened, that I felt I should resign from
>> the OSGeo Board so recently (February), after being so active on it
>> since back in September of 2009.  Some community members might have
>> strong opinions that: I was worn out, exhausted, frustrated, unhappy
>> that my FOSS4G Advisor proposal didn't take off, needed a change, not
>> made for such a director position,... I've now heard many opinions.
>> Looking back now, I needed a break.  After Denver I needed to take some
>> time, to step back.  And I did just that.
>> Recently some might have noticed that I am active again; indeed I feel
>> rejuvenated.  I am the old me.  Passionate about OSGeo, FOSS4G, and,
>> chicken wings and beer :)
>> Personal Goals
>> --------------
>> As Mike mentioned, I don't lack any passion for OSGeo or FOSS4G, I can
>> be very vocal, but sometimes that is not what is needed.  I must learn
>> to be more professional, to let others do their jobs, to let things
>> happen, and to help the community grow.  I will work hard to do this.
>> I have made many mistakes; and because I am so open and vocal, all of my
>> mistakes are there for everyone to see.  But I don't regret being open.
>> Mistakes give me character, make me who I am, allow me to grow.  So, I
>> will grow with OSGeo and FOSS4G :)
>> Call for more Board Nominations
>> -------------------------------
>> I too have been asking other community members these past weeks if they
>> are interested in being nominated for the Board; I hope everyone is
>> contacting their own local community leaders and asking them.
>> Thanks
>> ------
>> I also respect that sometimes it is good to have new members on the
>> Board, a new perspective, from a different geographic region (or how did
>> Arnulf put it? a non-NorthAmerican-middleaged-male? ha)  And I agree.
>> But don't get me wrong, I am interested in helping OSGeo and FOSS4G.  I
>> would be honored to represent the community again.
>> Thank you everyone, you've all really helped me grow.
>> -jeff
>> --
>> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Jeff_McKenna
>> On 12-07-23 7:03 PM, Smith, Michael ERDC-CRREL-NH wrote:
>>> I would like to nominate Jeff McKenna to the board of OSGeo.
>>> As to his qualifications, how much time to do you have? Jeff lives and
>>> breathes OSGeo and is one of the most active members of the OSGeo
>>> community. He is a friend, resource and gateway to all who have an
>>> interest in Open Source (data and software) and OSGeo in particular.
>>> Jeff is one of the original charter members (from 2006) and has been on
>>> the OSGeo board before (September 2009). Jeff has a passion for OSGeo
>>> that is unrivaled by anyone, a big heart, and  is considered someone
>>> always ready to talk or listen when anyone, anywhere has a OSGeo
>>> question, comment or critique. Jeff is very international in his
>>> approach to OSGeo and works with and participates with many, many OSGeo
>>> chapters worldwide. He has also been an incredible force behind almost
>>> all of the international FOSS4G conferences. Jeff would be a humble,
>>> strong, active and loud voice for OSGeo.
>>> And I'm proud to call him my friend.
>>> Mike
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>>> Michael Smith
>>> US Army Corps
>>> Remote Sensing GIS/Center
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