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Seven (aka Arnulf) seven at arnulf.us
Mon Jul 30 01:53:16 PDT 2012

OSGeo is globally active and there are no rules that members have to be
located in a specific region in order to become a Member, Charter
Member, Director or to be active in any other role.

this is a request from a potential new director asking two questions he
would like to get answered before he accepts his nomination.

> * Lastly, we should have members of the board who are prepared to travel
> and this is something I won't be able to fulfil due to my family
> situation. And as I live in Australia, I work the graveyard shift of the
> rest of the world, which means awkward meeting slots for some. Before I
> take on a board position, I will need to ask other board members if they
> are in a position to work around this.

In my opinion this is a no brainer. We are a geospatial organization
that is globally active. So it must be possible for the board to act in
a global way. Our beautiful planet happens to be sort of a ball and
while revolving around it's own axis exposes different regions to the
sun resulting at different times. The location of a member cannot not be
a criteria of exclusion to contribute. Am I wrong here?

Having said that - it makes things more difficult. But we did manage
with Venka and Ravi and several OSGeo committees also meet around the

My appeal to the board is to confirm that physical location cannot be a
criteria not to become an OSGeo director - or simply ignore this message
which I will take for a silent confirmation.


> On 29/07/2012 5:08 PM, Roald de Wit wrote:
>> On 29/07/12 15:00, Michael P. Gerlek wrote:
>>> I am pleased to nominate Cameron Shorter to be a member of the OSGeo
>>> Board.
>>> Followers of this list will no doubt already be familiar with
>>> Cameron: active in this foundation since the very beginning, he
>>> chaired the 2009 FOSS4G conference, has served on various OSGeo
>>> committees, and has worked on the OSGeo-Live project, among many
>>> other contributions.
>>> He would surely make a great addition to the board team for the next
>>> two years.
>> I'd like to second this!
>> Here are my reasons for supporting Cameron's nomination:
>> Cameron has been active in the OSGeo community since its inception.
>> You may remember Cameron as one of the core developers behind
>> Community Mapbuilder, GeoTools and OpenLayers. More recently he
>> chaired the successful FOSS4G 2009 Conference in Sydney and now he is
>> one of the driving forces behind the OSGeo-Live community.
>> He is a founding charter member of OSGeo and his active participation
>> in many of the OSGeo committees and mailing lists (Discuss, Marketing,
>> Education, FOSS4G, Conference, Incubator, Live-Demo and more) shows
>> his ongoing dedication to OSGeo.
>> I have had the pleasure of working for and with him in a both a
>> professional context, as well as being members of the Community
>> Mapbuilder, OpenLayers and OSGeo-Live projects. His commitment to the
>> community and and open standards are exemplary.
>> Cameron's experience, vision and dedication would make him a great
>> addition to the board.
>> Regards,
>> Roald
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