[OSGeo-Discuss] OGC's GIS SErver vs non Standard like Mapnik

Frans Thamura frans at meruvian.org
Mon Jul 23 16:20:12 PDT 2012

hi all

a little discussion in several area, and i wanna to raise here, esp
related to standard,

yes Java community now start promo the Adopt a JSR program (means use
standard as much as possible, and contribute as much as possible), but
in another world, we have SpringFramework, which a tinny part of them
become standard called atinject, but the ecosystem in Spring, is hugh,
and spring is not standard product.

i see this movement also exist in GIS market, we have propietary ( i
dont like, but goverment love. esp indonesia.. :) money money).. and
we have opensource.

in both area there is standard implementation like WFS WMS in
MapServer or MapGuide or GeoServer, or non standard like Mapnik

but i found Mapnik power the OpenStreetMap, which bring new ecosystem
to the GIS Market. yes, i have OpenStreetMap implementation and now
focus in integration between  OSM to our solution, please stay tune..
using OSMdroid, and leaftlet, we can create GIS solution in good and
amazing complete, and our server also quiet stable with Mapnik.. and
Kate reimplement OSM in GeoServer here..

in several private chat regarding OGC in mapnik, i think the founder
(Dane, CMIIW), do a right way, to protect his work :) like Rod Johnson
did with SPring (Spring sold 300m to VMWare near 2009).

my opinion here
1. if opensource, and we create community and work well, standard is
not priority, because our work can become standard, let see how SHP ,
it start from the propietary under ArgGIS, CMIIW.
2. standard if the community manager cannot reach globally, become a
long tail, how to compete?

may be all of you here, can share opinion.

I see also the traffic of this mailing list < OSM traffic.

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