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Tue Jul 31 07:42:57 PDT 2012

On Jul 31, 2012, at 10:34 AM, "Seven (aka Arnulf)" <seven at arnulf.us> wrote:

> On 07/31/2012 02:14 PM, Mr. Puneet Kishor wrote:
>> On Jul 31, 2012, at 8:49 AM, Seven (aka Arnulf) <seven at arnulf.us>
>> wrote:
>>> Btw: OdbL will be a great enabler for this because it requires to 
>>> maintain this breadcrumb track when publishing the results.
>> Confused as to how ODbL (http://opendatacommons.org/licenses/odbl/)
>> is relevant here. Unless, you mean the Old Dominion Baseball League
>> (http://www.acronymfinder.com/Old-Dominion-Baseball-League-(Virginia)-(ODBL).html)
> http://opendatacommons.org/licenses/odbl/1.0/
> [BOF]
> 4.6 Access to Derivative Databases. If You Publicly Use a Derivative
> Database or a Produced Work from a Derivative Database, You must also
> offer to recipients of the Derivative Database or Produced Work a copy
> in a machine readable form of:
>      a. The entire Derivative Database; or
>      b. A file containing all of the alterations made to the Database
> or the method of making the alterations to the Database (such as an
> algorithm), including any additional Contents, that make up all the
> differences between the Database and the Derivative Database.
> [EOF]
> So whenever you create a derivative database you can simply add the
> breadcrumb track of how you did it and Voila, the license conditions
> have been met, happy.
> In my mind one of the greatest sections in OdbL (an admittedly narrowly
> metadata focused mind).

Perhaps, but not all datasets have licenses, may be in the public domain, may have waived their rights allowing derivation without attribution, etc., etc. 

Let's not get bogged down right away in licensing issues (I shouldn't say "trust me," but I will, as a friend, not a lawyer -- IANAL) else we won't get anywhere, but there are many, many different legal statuses under which a dataset may be made available.
(sitting in a meeting in Wash DC discussing this very issue since yesterday morning).

Puneet Kishor 

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