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Maria Brovelli brvmnt at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 04:42:50 PDT 2012

+1. I will be happy to help Greek friends in organizing the meeting. Anyway
I'm wondering if sooner or later is possible to organize a Mediterranean

2012/6/15 Dimitris Kotzinos <kotzino at csd.uoc.gr>

> Dear all,
> I saw with great pleasure the call for organizing the 1st Latin America
> FOSS4G conference.
> Congrats to the friends there and let me add my offer to help in any
> possible way to those who preceded me.
> The purpose of my e-mail though is a bit different. Taking into account
> the fact the this year we had the North America regional conference, the
> central European regional conference and now the Latin America Regional
> Conference I feel that it is due time to move to a mixed scheme of an
> international and regional conferences.
> Thus I propose that we have the odd years (starting from 2013) ONLY the
> international event (our very successful FOSS4G conference) and the even
> years (starting from 2014) ONLY the regional conferences.
> Being in a world in crisis where funding for travel becomes more difficult
> and where people cannot participate in too many conferences in a year I
> feel that this is an acceptable compromise.
> So I call upon the board to decide on this proposal and, of course, all of
> you to argue in favor :) or against!
> One final note for the European participation on this list: I suggest that
> we start organizing a regional European level FOSS4G (if there is agreement
> also integrating in it the Central-Eastern Europe event) starting from
> 2014. I volunteer Greece to host the first such event (OK, given that
> things in Greece will not turn out too bad :)).
> If there is an initial agreement we can organize things a bit more.
> Thanks for the consideration of both proposals,
> Dimitris Kotzinos
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