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Il 16/06/2012 22:58, Angelos Tzotsos ha scritto:
> I totally agree with Stefano and Maria.
> We should try to join forces and learn from each other.
> Especially smaller groups like the Greek Chapter can benefit a lot in experience and
> promotion through such procedures and grow faster.

Hi all.
In Italy we have a long history of successful meetings; we (the GFOSS community at
large) started with GRASS meetings, and in the last 4 years we (the GFOSS.it
association) have also added (at 6 months interval) a GFOSS Days meeting. The two
have different aims, the first more academic, the second more targeted towards Public
Administration and business, even though many key people attend both.
My suggestion for a Mediterranean (or whatever) meeting: focus clearly on a target,
do not try to "catch everybody": business meeting should be organized differently
form, say developer ones.
If you think we can be of help,just ask.
All the best.
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