[OSGeo-Discuss] Charter Member nomination - Jean-Roc Morreale

Free yjacolin at free.fr
Wed Jun 27 08:27:32 PDT 2012


I would like to nominate Jean-Roc Morreale. His work is mainly focuse on 
Francophone Local Chapter (as Board member) and QGIS project.

He managed the French QGIS translation process and in this way published the 
QGIS user manuel in french (book and pdf file). He is a great contributor to 
QGIS and realized several presentation and training on OSGeo FOSS application.

As a OSGeo-fr board member he brings an user point of view and as a charter 
menber can brings a local chapter point of view which is imho important.


I will let Jean-Roc give more information about his point of view and works on 
QGIS and OSGeo-fr LC.


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