[OSGeo-Discuss] Seeking guidance for contributing to OSGeo.

Akshita Tyagi akshita.msit at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 13:59:46 PDT 2012

Dear Sir,

I am willing to contribute to your organization as a developer. I have a
prior experience in Geographical Information Systems (GIS). As a summer
trainee under Defense Research and Development Organization, Ministry
of Defense, India; I worked on a project titled "Development of PostgreSQL
to OpenMap interface for basic vector overlay".

OpenMap is an open source GIS Tool that enables us to work on various set
of map data. In order to create overlays, OpenMap GIS provides the
functionality to create basic set of overlays which include point, line,
polyline, polygon, splines etc. I was assigned a task to establish a
connection between OpenMap and PostgreSQL using JDBC, with the aim of
storing the overlays drawn on any particular layer of OpenMap along with
its user given unique name and attributes, which may be retrieved as and
when required.

Kindly guide me on how I can start and make my contribution. I look forward
to a positive response from you.

Thanking You.

Best Regards

Akshita Tyagi

**Chairperson | IEEE MSIT WIE Student Branch Affinity Group |
Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology, Delhi
Email ID : akshita.tyagi at ieee.org | Website : www.ieee.org
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