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The criteria seems good, if a bit more detailed than is strictly necessary.
 I'd suggest not worrying about a point scoring system, and just leave it
up to the judges to subjectively score nominees after some discussion.

It would be nice if the award included a green OSGeo logo.

Presumable we should clarify who the judges are, and open up nominations.

I think it would be good to let the open geodata committee know about this
effort but it is a chapter activity so here is the right place for detailed
discussion.  I did mention it to David Bitner (geodata chair) who happened
to be in town last weekend for the Google Summer of Code meetings.

Best regards,

On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 5:12 PM, Landon Blake
<sunburned.surveyor at gmail.com>wrote:

> At the last annual meeting of the OSGeo California Chapter, chapter
> members decided to move forward with the creation of the Open
> Geospatial Data Award. This award will be given to one (1)
> organization each year in California. The award will recognize the
> organization's efforts to promote open access to geospatial data. I
> thought this concept might appeal to other local chapters, so I wanted
> to post our chapter's discussion about the award selection criteria
> here.
> I'm proposing the nominees for the award be scored on the folowing
> criteria:
> 1) The data is released without:
> - Restrictions on its use.
> - Requirements for indemnification ("duty to defend").
> - Restrictions on distribution.
> - Restrictions on modification.
> - Requirement for monetary compensation.
> 2) The data is easily accessible.
> 3) Data is high quality:
> - The data is regularly updated.
> - The data is complete.
> - The data is well documented (metadata).
> - The data is reasonably accurate and precise.
> Not every organization nominated will necessarily do perfectly in each
> of these categories. I imagine we will need to come up with some point
> scoring system for our chapter's award selection committee to use.
> I designed the preliminary award in Inkscape and I can make the SVG
> available. I didn't
> incorporate the OSGeo color scheme or logo, but could redesign the
> award if this wasn't objectionable. We could come up with a standard
> certificate that could be used by all of the local OSGeo chapters. I
> imagine we'll want to have the award framed before we deliver it to
> the selected organization.
> I think this is a great opportunity to recognize good behavior on the
> part of government agencies and other organizations that are promoting
> open access to quality geospatial data. I also think it is a great
> marketing opportunity for OSGeo and the local chapters.
> I'm toying with the idea of presonally donating some volunteer hours
> to the selected agency, to assist with mapping efforts of technical
> supporttraining for open source geospatial software.
> What do you guys think?
> Landon (AKA: The Sunburned Surveyor)
> PS - Let me know if this discussion should move to the OSGeo data mailing
> list.
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