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I think there is not much more to add to what Jeff and Ravi have already
I also second the nominating Venkatesh Raghavan for the 2012 SolKatz Award.
Thanks to Venka there is today strong FOSS4G community in Asia (and also in
South Osaka ;-)


On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 11:53 AM, Ravi Kumar <ravivundavalli48 at yahoo.com>wrote:

> I second the nominating Venkatesh Raghavan for the 2012 SolKatz Award.
> I  agree with Jeff. Venka is the inspiration behind FOSS GIS sweeping
> across Asia and much of the world.
> I have known him from the very First FOSS GIS conference in Asia, and he
> encouraged us resulting in the
> FOSS workshop in the Geological Survey of India in 2005.
> He continues to physically visit most of the places where 'FOSSGIS is in
> action', and connects to young researchers
> readily.
> The projects he promotes are the very building blocks of our FOSS GIS
> initiative the world over.
> His contributions in FOSS GIS for Geologists, like 3-D models are unique.
> In short Venka is the leading light for FOSS GIS in Asia and the world.
> V.Ravi Kumar
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> I have the honor of nominating Venkatesh Raghavan[1] for the 2012 Sol
> Katz Award.  I would classify Venka as the “builder” of all things
> FOSS4G.  It was Venka who created the term “FOSS4G” back in 2004, using
> it as the name of an international event in Thailand, and since then he
> has promoted Free and Open Source Software for Geomatics all around the
> world.
> Venka has also been directly involved in OSGeo since its inception, in
> fact he was on the first OSGeo Board of Directors from 2006 to 2007.  He
> is still very active on the Board mailing list, and often shares his
> broad experience with the OSGeo Board members.
> A professor at Osaka City University in Japan, Venka constantly
> encourages his students to leverage FOSS4G in all of their research.
> His students and research teams have improved FOSS software with
> international character support and translations for projects such as
> MapServer, GRASS, and QuantumGIS.
> Venka actively travels around the world promoting FOSS4G, and works
> closely with various international event committees each year for such
> events as GIS-IDEAS in Vietnam, FOSS4G-Japan, and FOSS4G-India.  In 2010
> Venka was awarded a Guest Professorship at the China University of
> Mining and Technology in Beijing for his “Outstanding contribution to
> Open Source Geospatial Technologies”.
> As you can see his FOSS4G reach is world-wide.  Many people have been
> touched by his passion.  He is a “boots on the ground” kind of a guy,
> who is a master at connecting geospatial communities.  Many of us all
> around the world have grown our careers and skills through his advice.
> I believe Venka would be an excellent recipient for the Sol Katz Award.
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Venkatesh_Raghavan
> -Jeff McKenna
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