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Dear all,
I strongly support Venkatesh nomination... all was already said... great
example of foss4g excellence...

I remember I support also Helena nomination last time and nobody argue
anything... this just to say that it has already been done...

Finally, I want to say that I'm proud to know such kind of excellent people
from professional and human point of view.

Thanks Jeff for nominating Venkatesh.
Il giorno 22/set/2012 16:09, <maria.brovelli at diiar-topo.polimi.it> ha

Dear friends
> in my opinion it is the very time for Venka to be awarded the Sol Katz. In
> case you agree with me, let the Sol Katz award committee know your thought.
> Many thanks!!
> Nice weekend to all of you.
> Maria
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> Dear All
> I want to second the nomination of Venkatesh Raghavan for the 2012 Sol
> Katz Award.
> A part from all excellent  reasons in the emails of other OSGeo members
> (Jeff McKenna, Ravi Kumar, Daniel Kastl,...) I want to highlight that Venka
> was present from the very beginning at the first events on Open Source in
> Europe (see for instance: Open Source Free Software GIS - GRASS users
> conference 2002
> Trento, Italy, 11-13 September 2002  http://www.ing.unitn.it/~**
> grass/conferences/GRASS2002/<http://www.ing.unitn.it/~grass/conferences/GRASS2002/>)
> and he has strongly and continously  been working in supporting
> relationships and contacts between Asia and the Europe. Venka is a restless
> activist and a great inspirer of open source GISs. He has been receiving in
> his university students from the whole Europe and been sending  in our
> universities students from the Far East with a rich and fruitful exchange
> of experiences and cultures.
> At the end don't forget that the name of our Conference was invented by
> Venka...
> Many thanks!
> Maria Brovelli
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