[OSGeo-Discuss] FOSS4G-CEE 2013 Code Sprint Day

Codrina Maria Ilie codrina at geo-spatial.org
Wed Apr 3 01:03:37 PDT 2013

Dear friends and colleagues,
It became an unspoken tradition that at every FOSS4G event held anywhere 
in the world, the talks, the workshops always go great together with 
giving the participants the opportunity of getting their hands dirty 
with a little bit of programming, documentation writing and fancy 
programming chatting. FOSS4G-CEE 2013 is no exception. Therefore, On 
Thursday the 20th of June, we’ll bring comfy hacking spaces with one of 
the greatest view over Dâmbovița river, wireless internet, pizza and 
beverages. You bring your high spirits, enthusiasm and ideas. In our 
attempt to make the Code Sprint Day as best as possible, we prepared a 
wiki page where we kindly invite you to write your name and a short 
project/idea description.
For the wiki page, go here. [1]

The proud sponsor of Code Sprint Day is TeamNet International SA, one of 
the leading IT&C integrators in Romania. With over 11 years of 
experience, TeamNet offers complete integrated solutions, from 
developing and implementing custom software solution, to complex 
communication and hardware infrastructure services, for both national 
and international clients.

For more details on the Code Sprint Day, please go here. [2]

Best regards,

[1] http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G_CEE_2013_Code_Sprint
[2] http://2013.foss4g-cee.org/program/code-sprint

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