[OSGeo-Discuss] Welcome to the new OSGeo Charter Members!

Michael Gerlek mpg at flaxen.com
Thu Aug 1 17:20:00 PDT 2013

In the past, we have heard snarky comments about OSGeo being a clique -- a
North American, inwardly-focused, cabal-like group pursuing it's own
private agendas and projects.

** We now have 181 members from 38 countries responsible for electing the
Board and thereby indirectly setting the agenda of the Foundation. **

>From a diversity standpoint, I think we're in very good shape.

(aside: I'm not sure if Arnulf was counting the charter members'
nationalities or countries of residence; if one was to count both, we'd
probably be well into the 40s.)


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Subject: [OSGeo-Discuss] Welcome to the new OSGeo Charter Members!

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>Dear OSGeo,
>as per Board motion [1] we have now accepted all 37 nominees into
>Charter Membership [2]. Hooray! Please welcome our new Charter Members.
>Thank you for the great nominations and thanks to all for making OSGeo a
>sustainable Foundation.
>We now have people from 38 nationalities! Even the largest group now
>represents no more than a quarter of all Charter Members (the United
>States with 23%). This is really good global representation.
>FOSS4G is approaching [3] fast and in case you still did not book or
>decide to come, it is hight time. Even for procrastination experts.
>Best regards,
>Your Chief Returning Officers
>Arnulf Christl & Michael Gerlek
>[1] http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/board/2013-July/011003.html
>[2] http://www.osgeo.org/charter_members
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