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Edwards, Ian ian.edwards at metoffice.gov.uk
Fri Aug 16 02:21:18 PDT 2013

Hi Jakob - thank you for taking on this task in Arnulf's absence

I sent some thoughts to the discuss list yesterday, below is a slightly modified version for use on the nomination wiki. ..



OSGeo has been a major part of my life for many years - I'm very pleased to be considered for the board and to receive such enthusiastic support.

Over the past eight months I've made significant changes to accommodate my volunteering on the FOSS4G 2013 organising committee.  I'm honoured to be a part of an excellent conference team and as chair of OSGeo UK, I looking forward to welcoming many of you to the UK next month.

After FOSS4G I have the opportunity to make use of the substantial space in my life (that has been created during the conference preparations) to continue to serve OSGeo as a member of the board.

We all acknowledge the fundamental importance of FOSS4G, and of course the vital work undertaken on OSGeo projects. In addition to this, on a day-to-day basis, I feel that WebCom is the foundation's front-line, expected to deliver both robust services whilst also being looked to for innovation on how we present ourselves to the world. I believe that this is the place where core progress is most likely to be realised following the successful conclusion of the long and hard work that has been needed to confirm our tax status. I'm therefore committed to continue providing technical expertise and leadership in the WebCom team.  I think it is absolutely vital that projects continue to be well represented at board level, but over the next two years I feel that a strong commitment of time from a member who is focused on the administration and progress of foundation itself is vitally important to our future.  All organisations need to continuously reinvent and improve themselves in today's world to continuously earn their place at the top of their game.  OSGeo itself is not safe just because our open source projects are simply awesome!

I share Bart's belief that we may have the opportunity to move some areas of our infrastructure to services, like github, that offer excellent service levels for open source projects.  This would reduce our administrative overheads, whilst allowing us to focus on important issues including sponsorship and promotion.

I agree completely with OSGeo's aim to maximise the availability of funding for direct use by projects. I'm also aware that this needs to be carefully balanced with ensuring that we promote ourselves effectively to ensure that we gain additional robust streams of income. Having worked closely with both OGC and OSGeo, whilst in government, business and academia, I see one of our greatest strengths as being that an individual without vast financial means can contribute at any level , whether on a project, as a charter member, the board, or as our President.  We are not always able to adequately recognise the massive commitment of time and personal finance that this takes.

I am very fortunate to have the support of a large organisation that understands the immense value of OSGeo's work, and therefore I have little need to rely on OSGeo or my own personal funding. But for others, who are recognised as having a significant contribution to offer, I believe that finding ways to offer a basic lifeline, when appropriate to help us achieve our objectives, is essential.

Ian Edwards

To: Edwards, Ian
Subject: Nomination for the OSGeo Board Election

Dear Ian,
thank you for taking on this responsibility and running for the board.
Please consider writing a short email to the discuss mailing list
explaining your personal motivation for taking on this responsibility
and maybe highlighting the objectives of your candidacy and what you
want to achieve when working on the board.

Your Chief Returning Officers,
on behalf of OSGeo

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