[OSGeo-Discuss] A Opensource HTML5 DEM viewer.

Filipe Vieira sv.filipe at gmail.com
Sat Jul 6 09:44:08 PDT 2013


I participated in a research project where my job was to find ways to
display geo-data on the web.

The project was terminated before it was complete so I released the code


The project is more a prototype and is not finished it normally works
better on chrome and can sometimes stop working in other browsers.
Demonstration here:

The features are:

   - 2D/3D Visualization.
   - Ligth map (hillshading) generation.
   - Color by elevation, smooth or flat transition suported.
   - Pallet Management (create, edit, save (as), delete).
   - Default Pallets.
   - Cyclic pallets support.

The project is not being active because of lack of interest, so I would
like to know if there is any interest with this kind of project.


Filipe Vieira.
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