[OSGeo-Discuss] Nominate François Prunayre as OSGeo Charter member

Andreas Schmitz schmitz at occamlabs.de
Fri Jul 12 11:23:15 PDT 2013

Jeroen Ticheler wrote:


> I would like to nominate François Prunayre as OSGeo Charter Member.
> François is one of those rare people that have dedicated huge amounts of energy and time in quietly developing and supporting open source software. François is one of the absolute first developers to join the GeoNetwork opensource project back in 2004 if I remember well. Since that moment he has never tired to take GeoNetwork to a higher level. He's responsible for about a third of the total commits to the project, an endless row of new proposals and experiments. 
> That's not all. François also provides training at FOSS4G conferences, develops the Spatial ETL in Talend and on the geOrchestra project. He's been participant to all Bolsena Hacking events, moderates the French mailinglist of GeoNetwork and a lot more.
> In short, he has a truly impressive status that is still building up day by day. François is a great person to work with and who deserves recognition by the larger OSGeo community. Please support me in this nomination.

definitely seconded (if I can without being a charter member myself)!

We shouldn't forget that OpenSource software cannot be without people
actually writing it!

Best regards,
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