[OSGeo-Discuss] FOSS4G workshop contacts

Barry Rowlingson b.rowlingson at lancaster.ac.uk
Fri Jul 19 09:03:05 PDT 2013

On Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 4:52 PM, Andrea Aime
<andrea.aime at geo-solutions.it> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to ask details about the FOSS4G 2013 workshops organization,
> machines and the like, but it seems I don't have the right contacts.
> Do you know who I could bother to ask about those details?

Contact emails are here:


and in the absence of a specific workshop contact, use the 'info'
mailing address. That goes to a small bunch of us who will make sure
the workshop organiser gets it.

 It might well be time to set up a workshop mailing list. Actually...
OSGeo has a conference-workshop mailing list:


 which has been dead since Sept 2011.

If we (by which I mean our workshop coordinator) can get admin access
to that mailing list then hopefully he can assign all the workshop
presenters and attenders to it for information.

 I guess we should add this as a request to the OSGeo trac yeah?


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