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Codrina Maria Ilie codrina at geo-spatial.org
Mon Jul 22 07:25:45 PDT 2013

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am deeply honored to be nominated as a Charter Member of OSGeo. A
quick view on the current list of members and on the list of nominees
for the 2013 elections is more than suffice to overwhelm anyone.
Furthermore, the email written by Jeff is simply impressive and the best 
way I can think of to thank him is to promise that, no matter the
outcome of these discussed elections, I will just continue doing what
got me spotted in the first place.

I am a proud member of geo-spatial.org/ OSGeo Romanian Local Chapter, a
Romanian community of passionate people working with
GIS/RS/Cartography/GPS technology, people that dedicate a large amount
of their time to promote large scale usage of open source solutions and
open (geo)data. We are currently maintaining a website [1] that
represents a collaborative effort by and for the Romanian community to
facilitate the sharing of geospatial knowledge and the discovery and
publishing of free geographic datasets and maps. At this point,
geo-spatial.org is the most comprehensive resource for geospatial
datasets for the Romanian territory. Besides all that, we organise each
year 3 events of 2 days each in 3 Romanian important cities
(Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Bucharest) with presentations and FOSS4G
workshops. More details, one can find here [2].
Our newest accomplishment is a successful FOSS4G regional event,
FOSS4G-CEE 2013, held in Bucharest, Romania, 16-20th of June. [3]
Recently moved to Denmark, I became a board member for the Open Source
Days Conference [4] and I am actively getting involved in the open 
(geo)data Danish community [5] and the informal OSGeo Danish meetings.

In my payable hours, I am a research assistant at the Groundwater
Engineering Research Center, Technical University of Civil Engineering,
currently working for the GEOIDEA.ro project [6].

As a Charter Member, I would gladly devote time to help grow the OSGeo 

As a conclusion, I'd like to give a warm thank you to Jeff McKenna and
those that have seconded his kind words.

Have a great week,

[1] http://earth.unibuc.ro/
[2] http://earth.unibuc.ro/osgeo
[3] http://2013.foss4g-cee.org/
[4] http://opensourcedays.org/2013/
[5] http://www.meetup.com/CPH-Data-Drinks/
[6] http://geoidea.ro/

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Subject: [OSGeo-Discuss] Nomination for Codrina Maria Ilie
Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2013 09:56:58 -0300
From: Jeff McKenna <jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com>
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Name: Codrina Maria Ilie
Email: codrina AT geo-spatial DOT org
Wiki: http://wiki.osgeo.osuosl.org/wiki/User:Codrina

It is my honor to nominate Codrina as a Charter Member of OSGeo.
Passionate about FOSS4G and Open Data, she is well known for her
enthusiasm in Romania and Denmark.

Earlier this year, I was planning on giving training in Copenhagen, I
might have mentioned this on the OSGeo Board mailing list, and then I
received a direct email from her introducing herself and asking if we
should have an OSGeo meetup in Copenhagen when I was there.  Even though
she recently moved from Romania to Denmark, she was somehow able to be
the sparkplug to bring together a large group of Open Source geospatial
passionate people in Copenhagen. (some of the locals even told me they
were impressed with her for doing that)

Little did I know that this meeting would also spark an invite to me to
the (at the time) upcoming FOSS4G-CEE event in Bucharest, hosted by the
geo-spatial.org / Romanian Chapter team.  I would of course end up
attending the event, and watched as her and the geo-spatial.org family
brought together hundreds of FOSS4G and Open Data enthusiasts from
countries all over Europe.

Codrina may not write code, but she has that rare passion, that
strength, that guts, that allows her to network and share her FOSS4G
knowledge.  She holds workshops, writes user guides, and organizes
events, that bring together developers, decision makers, students, and
users - these thankless tasks are so very important.  I've heard from
others how she repeatedly attends hi-tech events with no other females
present, introduces herself and starts promoting FOSS4G and Open Data.

I feel this is an international leader to-be, someone who sees the world
as a very small community, willing to travel to bring the community
together.  It is my honor to help her grow and allow her to provide
input to the shape of the OSGeo foundation.

It is for all these reasons I am nominating Codrina to become a Charter
Member of OSGeo.



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