[OSGeo-Discuss] Open Source Summit v3.0: Communities Meeting Open for Registration! June 25, 26, Washington DC

Ramirez, Paul M (398J) paul.m.ramirez at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Jun 5 07:48:35 PDT 2013


This is a free event and if you're local thought it may be of interest to
those on this list. If not I apologize in advance for the spam.



Registration for the Open Source Summit v3.0: Communities Meeting is now
open! This event grows out of the past two years of success. The first
Open Source Summit <http://www.nasa.gov/open/source/> was held at NASA's
Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA and focused specifically on
NASA's open source policies. Last year, OSS <http://open.nasa.gov/summit/>
[full schedule]
moved to the University of Maryland in College Park and broadened the
discussion to include all agencies, including NASA, the State Dept, and
the VA on the
planning team.

This year's Open Source Summit will explain how to build, engage with, and
maintain open source communities -- and when we say open source, we don't
just mean software, we also mean hardware and data.

If you are a federal civil servant that needs to build or engage with an
open source community, you should plan on attending.

Be warned however: this is not your average event! The multi-agency
planning team is tasked with ensuring that the event provides substantive
benefit to federal agency personnel, and the format is uniquely designed
to deliver not just abstract content from subject matter experts
(of course we have those), but also the opportunity to see this
knowledge applied to a specific case study, and then to learn how to apply
it to your specific situation. In addition, we will collate the results
of the discussions during the event and making them available afterwards
so that other may learn from the shared experiences
and wisdom of their peers.

Also, fyi - the registration numbers are unlimited for government
employees, but limited to 70 for non-govies. We have a total registration
limit of 200. Please use the #ossdc hashtag

if you want to have conversations on Twitter about the meeting.

Thanks and I look forward to your registrations and interest! If you have
any questions,

Please don't hesitate to ask either by replying to me directly, contacting
anyone else on the Planning Team directly, or by sending us a Tweet!

Paul Ramirez
(on behalf of the Planning Team)
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