[OSGeo-Discuss] pycsw 1.6.0 released

Angelos Tzotsos gcpp.kalxas at gmail.com
Fri Jun 28 11:26:03 PDT 2013

The  pycsw  team  announces  the  release  of  pycsw  1.6.0.

The  1.6.0  release  brings  numerous  features,  enhancements  and  fixes  to  the  codebase,  including:

  *  Nabble  community  forum  now  available  via  OSGeo  at  http://osgeo-org.1560.x6.nabble.com/pycsw-devel-f5055821.html
  *  fix  broken  connection  in  pycsw.admin.optimize_db
  *  native  PostGIS  geometry  support
  *  new  community  section  on  website  (http://pycsw.org/community.html)
  *  Web  Accessible  Folder  (WAF)  harvesting  support
  *  added  spatial  ranking  for  spatial  queries
  *  added  lxml  3  support
  *  fixes  for  new  OGC  CITE  tests
  *  added  support  for  SOS  2.0.0  harvesting
  *  added  support  for  SOS  1.0.0  harvesting
  *  added  database  specific  unit  tests
  *  added  support  for  nested  OGC  Filter  queries
  *  fixed  ISO  output/safeguarding  extent  elements
  *  fixed  parameterization  of  OGC  Filter  queries
  *  fixed  fulltext  search  to  dump  only  XML  element  values
  *  added  flexibility  to  pycsw.admin.setup_db  to  handle  use  cases  from  calling  applications,  like  specifying  extra  columns,  skipping  SFSQL  setup,  etc.
  *  added  support  for  ISO  19115-2  (gmi)  harvesting
  *  FGDC,  Atom,  and  DIF  are  now  core  supported  outputschema  formats,  and  do  not  need  to  be  explicitly  set  in  configuration
  *  added  CIDR  notation  support  for  CSW  transactions
  *  enhanced  link  support  when  harvesting  OWS  endpoints
  *  fix  tighten  Dublin  Core  writer  when  checking  on  dumping  XML
  *  fixed  harvesting  logic  for  unsupported  typenames
  *  fixed  GetRecords  typename  handling  to  _not_  behave  like  a  record  filter,  but  as  a  query  model
  *  harvesting  support  for  RDF  Dublin  Core
  *  fixed  Harvest  operation  parameter  checks  in  HTTP  GET  mode
  *  added  timeout  flag  to  pycsw-admin.py  post_xml  command
  *  continuous  integration  testing  (using  travis-ci)
  *  modular  Python  logging  capability
  *  paver  implementation  for  developer  tasks

The  full  list  of  enhancements  and  bug  fixes  is  available  at  https://github.com/geopython/pycsw/issues?milestone=7&state=closed

This  release  also  moves  pycsw  forward  as  an  OSGeo  project  in  incubation.

pycsw  is  an  OGC  CSW  server  implementation  written  in  Python.

pycsw  fully  implements  the  OpenGIS  Catalogue  Service  Implementation  Specification  [Catalogue  Service  for  the  Web].  Initial  development  started  in  2010  (more  formally  announced  in  2011).  The  project  is  certified  OGC  Compliant,  and  is  an  OGC  Reference  Implementation.

pycsw  allows  for  the  publishing  and  discovery  of  geospatial  metadata.  Existing  repositories  of  geospatial  metadata  can  also  be  exposed  via  OGC:CSW  2.0.2,  providing  a  standards-based  metadata  and  catalogue  component  of  spatial  data  infrastructures.

pycsw  is  Open  Source,  released  under  an  MIT  license,  and  runs  on  all  major  platforms  (Windows,  Linux,  Mac  OS  X).

Source  and  binary  downloads:

The  source  code  is  available  at:


Testers  and  developers  are  welcome.

The  pycsw  developer  team.


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