[OSGeo-Discuss] deegree webservices 3.2.0 released

Markus Schneider schneider at occamlabs.de
Mon Mar 25 03:20:36 PDT 2013

The deegree team is happy to announce the immediate availability of
deegree webservices 3.2.0, available from:


One of the major improvements to this release is a completely new
written documentation, available at:


The deegree 3.2.0 release (dubbed "INSPIRE release") contains thirteen
months worth of work. Major improvements:

- New documentation (based on Sphinx)
- New service: deegree WMTS (implements WMTS 1.0.0)
- TileStore subsystem: A lean and fast data abstraction layer for map tiles
- TileStore backends: GeoTIFF, File system, Remote WMS, Remote WMTS, EHCache
- New concept for layer and theme configuration
- WFS: Extended support for WFS 2.0 specification (e.g. Transactions)
- WFS: Better compliance with INSPIRE Download Service TG 3.0
- WMS: Better compliance with INSPIRE View Service TG 3.1
- SQLDialect: Support for Microsoft SQL Server

Grab your copy of deegree webservices 3.2.0, try it out, and please
provide feedback on the mailing list.


Markus Schneider

Occam Labs UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Godesberger Allee 139
53175 Bonn, Germany

+49 228 93798874


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