[OSGeo-Discuss] OSGeo event june 13th Ghent Belgium

Sofie Niemegeers sofie.niemegeers at geosparc.com
Tue May 7 05:09:55 PDT 2013

Dear mr/mrs,

We would like to announce an upcoming OSGeo event:

start date/end date: june 13th 2013

location: Ghent, Belgium

description of the event:

"The first Flemish edition of the OSGeo conference explores the theme 
“Today’s OSGeo market: experiences from users and suppliers”. It will be 
an interesting opportunity to confront different points of view in order 
to establish the direction OSGeo is/should be heading for.

The presentations of the day can be divided into three main blocks:
1) Those that focus on the fundamentals of open source geospatial 
software, the basic concepts/definitions and goals
2) Presentations that go into user experiences
3) Suppliers’ presentations

During the panel discussion afterwards, all participants (the audience 
included) will get a chance to discuss pending questions, concerns and 
give further information. Finally, all the information gathered during 
the day, will be distilled into a number of concluding remarks."

Url with more details: www.geomajas.org/osgeogent2013

Yours sincerely,

Sofie Niemegeers

Geosparc n.v.

Business Parc


G.Crommenlaan 10, box 101

B-9050 Ghent

+32 (0)9 27 53 110
+32 (0)496 932 962



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