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Hi Cameron,

The voice of 2009 experience?

If I can, I'm happy to. I did organise the 2011 International Symposium on GIS in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences here in NZ, and managed to give it a somewhat Open Source flavour :-) A very different scale to FOSS4G. Not many venues in li'l ol' NZ could cope with FOSS4G.

However, spending a few months a year at sea with no internet & limited email is not conducive to organising such things, but can be worked around if necessary. 



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> I think a community vote on workshops is a good idea, and if there is good support for more than
 planned, I'd suggest the plan needs changing, rather than reduce the relevance & value of the event that the attendees have voted for.
> I'm aware this makes it even harder to organise, but I think as a global event, (& having to travel about as far as possible to get to this one :-) it is worth the effort.

Brent, based upon your comment, I'm guessing that you plan to volunteer to offer your services to help select the workshops and presentations for the next foss4g event. :)
This a big job and foss4g committees greatly value people with as much passion as yourself offering to help out.


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