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Rafał Wawer huwer at iung.pulawy.pl
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Dear Marco,

Thanks' for pointing out the OSGeo community wiki pages potentially
addressing SDI.

BTW. I took the opportunity to add some legal docs on FOSS in the EU on Case

European Union

February 2008, Commission Communication towards a Shared Environmental
Information System (SEIS)

This Communication sets out an approach to modernise and simplify the
collection, exchange and use of the data and information required for
environemntal monitoring and reporting in Europe. Id defines a set of
principles on the basis of which the collection, exchange and use of
environmental data and information should be organised in the future. FOSS
adressed directly as one of the principles information sharing and
processing should be supported through common, free open-source software

*	Summarised highlights: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/seis/ 

January 2013, Staff Working Document
<http://ec.europa.eu/environment/seis/pdf/seis_implementation_en.pdf> "EU
Shared Environmental Information System - Implementation Outlook" 

The EU Digital Agenda for Europe initiative supports the SEIS principle
aiming to generate information sharing through common, free, open source
software. For example, an EU legal framework for licensing open source
software now exists (ISA EUPL) and governments are increasingly keen to
develop its use. Actions under the EU Digital Agenda are creating a safer
and better-performing digital environment, improving access conditions and
interoperability and stimulating the growth of cross-border e-Government
services. The open source and open data movement offers significant
opportunities for further developing the SEIS but more open-source empowered
applications ensuring compatibility across Member States will be needed for
managing and sharing environmental information 


IMO SEIS is a great opportunity and the EC staff doc on SEIS from January
2013 recognizes the importance of FOSS.


There are many pages SDI can be addressed but I have nothing against a
dedicated wiki and a committee addressing the issue - for me it will be
easier to look in one side instead of looking throughout the wiki.






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Hi Cameron,

I have no problems keeping the discussions about SDI on discuss-list as long
as the traffic does not increase to bothering people here. I see this move
as an indicator for the relevance of the SDI topic and hope it will result
in a (massive) push of this topic in OSGeo (and local chapters e.g. D-A-CH
aka. FOSSGIS e.V.)


Am 16.05.2013 05:53, schrieb Cameron Shorter:

I think it great to hear people wanting to work on / solve INSPIRE / SDI
type issues, but isn't that a large part of what we do as core business at
OSGeo? Maybe it would be best to avoid splitting off another list, and keep
conversation on osgeo-discuss

Looking at Goals/Methods on the wiki:

* Coordinate efforts of development teams
--- Yes, done under the OSGeo banner.

* Help to make OSGeo software stack the best choice for SDIs implementation
--- Yes, done under the OSGeo banner.

Promote OSGeo software stack, as the best choice for SDIs implementation
--- Yes, done under the OSGeo banner.

* Checklists
* Tests
* Reference implementations
Could be done under an OSGeo banner

* Relevant case studies
Yes: http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Case_Studies

On 16/05/2013 5:23 AM, Jachym Cepicky wrote:

Let's call it "OSGeo SDI committee"
To board: There was proposal to start new committee at OSGeo, which
would be focused (as Jeff and Serena pointed out) at SDI in general.
Now, INSPIRE is big issue to most OSGeo projects and this committee
would take care on it, but it should be focused, as mentioned, more general.
I'll start some wiki page about it and add new item to our agenda for
the next meeting.
Dne 15.5.2013 17:48, Jeff McKenna napsal(a):

Hi Jachym,
This is a great idea, and I agree is missing as a direct goal by the
existing OSGeo committees.  As Serena mentioned, it should be focused
on SDIs in general.  Would you be willing to start a wiki draft of
this SDI committee? (containing goals, responsibilities, communication
methods, structure [chair, members],...)
You can then take that to the Board for their thoughts.
Thanks for championing this for OSGeo.  (I agree, INSPIRE may be EU
focused but it affects all of our projects, and there could be other
global directives that this committee could help guide OSGeo through).
On 2013-05-15 8:17 AM, Jachym Cepicky wrote:

I'm working on some presentation about OSGeo relationship to
INSPIRE directive (some preliminary czech version of presentation,
which should be presented at this years INSPIRE conference [1])
And it came to my mind, that OSGeo does not have any body, related
to INSPIRE [2]
While I agree, INSPIRE is mainly EU-only topic, I think,
implementing INSPIRE has big market potential and software, which
does not indicate support for INSPIRE is banned from to be used in
public organizations in EU. I believe, also "rest of the world" can
profit from changes, necessary to be implemented in EU.
Therefore I would consider INSPIRE committee in OSGeo as important
body, which would coordinate efforts of OSGeo projects towards
INSPIRE, so that we could declare: OSGeo projects are INSPIRE ready
or we are working on it.
Any opinions to this? I'm personally usually against forming "yet 
another committee", but in this case, I do not see the topic to be 
covered and it really is important issue here.
[1] http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/INSPIRE_conference_2013-paper [2]

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