[OSGeo-Discuss] Market adoption in Korea

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Thu May 23 09:39:01 PDT 2013

This announcement is from Sanghee Shin from the OSGeo Korea local chapter.


The KAOS-G(Korea Alliance of Open Source Geospatial) was formed and
launched on 22nd, May by 8 companies across open source geospatial
business in Korea to drive market adoption of open source GIS.

Open source GIS is now accepted as viable solution for creating,
managing and sharing geospatial information in Korea. Also open source
GIS opens up many chances of new business. As a company alliance, KAOS-G
will try to capture these business chances in more commercial way by
providing professional open source GIS solutions and technologies.

In short term, the Alliance will focus on creating & packaging open
source GIS solutions offering more Korean friendly environment &
usability. Also Alliance members will demonstrate a plenty of success
stories and use cases using open source GIS from a business and solution
point of view. It will create an ecosystem around open source GIS that
stimulates and accelerates the market adoption of open source GIS
solutions and technologies. It will seek virtuous cycle innovation
across developers, users, communities and companies by supporting,
assisting and having good relationship with open source GIS communities
like OSGeo Korean Chapter. The other important task for the Alliance is
to increase voice to Korean government about open source GIS.

Founding members include: Gaia3D, Mango System, enGIS, KESTI, GNT
Solution, E3, CE Tech, Agathosergon


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