[OSGeo-Discuss] Looking for Speakers at the Open Source GIS Track for the 2014 CLSA Conference in Reno, Nevada

Landon Blake sunburned.surveyor at gmail.com
Mon May 27 13:28:17 PDT 2013

The committee that organizes the Annual California Land Surveyors
Association (CLSA) Conference is interested in having a half day or full
day event on open source GIS at the 2014 Conference. They've asked me to
put together some information about our event schedule and the speakers.

I've put up a preliminary event schedule based on a full day event with two
tracks here:

I've left several open slots. Here are some sample topics that could be
plugged into those open slots:

- Python scripting with QGIS.
- The business case for GIS.
- Linear referencing in GIS.
- Introduction to QGIS.
- GIS database concepts with PostGIS.
- Remote sensing with ballons or low cost drones.

Other topics might also be acceptable. I'd like to keep the GIS concepts
and GIS software parts of the event very simple and easy for beginners.
This will have greater appeal for most land surveyors.

The last part of the event on GIS programming can be geared towards more
experienced GIS users.

Let me know if you'd be willing to come out to Reno in the spring to give a
talk. I'll get the conference registration waived. (I've got three speakers
from our local chapter, but I could use a couple more.)


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