[OSGeo-Discuss] Defining a GIO position (or attmepting to . . .)

Basques, Bob (CI-StPaul) bob.basques at ci.stpaul.mn.us
Wed Oct 16 07:36:18 PDT 2013

Hi all,

I wonder if I could get some feedback on the following statement, I'm looking for the other side of the argument (I know it's hard to put yourself there  :c).

"Open Source software enforces standards"

Now this might be better worded, and it seems straight forward enough here.  I'm trying to define a GIO position such that it doesn't reference anything commercial, but will still cover those commercial packages at the same time.  I'm basically thinking about going the route of data standards both for archiving as well as distribution.

So, what would you anticipate the other side of the argument (Our Human Resources section in this case) to reply to the above statement, as if they wanted to include some specific commercial application in the assigned duties, for example.  In the end I'm trying to get out of a long winded statement about why an open approach is better than a commercial one and the standards piece seem to be the best topic to base the discussion on.



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