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S.A. Mouti moutia at outlook.com
Fri Aug 1 20:11:32 PDT 2014

Greetings dear members,

I would like to develop an algorithm that uses remote geographic sensing
data to automatically identify, highlight, and measure rooftops and
buildings surfaces and contours using  Geospatial data. My preference is to
overlay the results on one of the existing  map providers such as Google
Earth/maps or Bing .


 My aim is to get the following outputs from the proposed model:
* Accurately highlighted and identified rooftops on Google maps (using geo
sensing data, elevation? and
* Property Address or GPS coordinate.
* Surface and square footage available for solar power generation including
the position of the property(N-S or E-W). At the exact surface of the south
facing portion of the roof.
* Integrate sun tool in google maps to calculate shading for each building.
* Total surface/square footage of the roof.

I would appreciate your guidance on the following:
* Any individual developers or companies active in this area who would be
willing to undertake this challenge
* View on technical do-ability of the projectŠ
* What free geospatial data is available/needed to build the model and who
the providers are? (I understand that  US cleared higher resolution imagery
for domestic )
* An idea about the overall cost  for such a model.
Best regards,


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