[OSGeo-Discuss] Full paper submissions for IJGI Special Issue on "Open Geospatial Science and Applications" - 30th Jan 2015

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Selected abstracts for the planned special issue   of ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information on "Open Geospatial Science and Applications" are available at 


The last decade has seen a rapid growth in open source geospatial software and open data developments. Building upon the broader progress in open science, the synergies in the developments in open source geospatial software, open data, open standards, open hardware and open access to research publications have been key in accelerating the advancement for open geospatial science and applications. A combination of factors are driving this momentum, including the contributions made by hundreds of developers and the leading role played by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo), aiming primarily to support and promote the collaborative development of open source geospatial technologies and data. For the geospatial community this has offered exciting opportunities for expanding both research and education for the future. By combining the potential of free and open GI software, open data, open standards, open access to research publications, open hardware, etc. will enable the creation of a sustainable innovation ecosystem for advancing the discipline and accelerating new discoveries to help solve global cross disciplinary societal challenges from climate change mitigation to sustainable cities.

We invite original research contributions on all aspects of open source geospatial software and its applications, and particularly encourage submissions focusing on the following themes for this Special Issue  of ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information (ISSN 2220-9964)
- The use of open source geospatial software and data, in and for scientific research
- Academic endeavors to conceptualize, create, assess open source geospatial software and data, and teach such usage.
- Use of Open Data and Big Data
- Data quality, software quality
- Open source implementations
- Open SDI-Open standards- Community building
- Assessment of costs and benefits of open source applications and open source business models
- Architectures and frameworks for open source software and data
- Teaching geospatial sciences with open source solutions and open data 
- Open Source GIS application use cases: government, participatory GIS, location based services, health, energy, water, climate change, etc.
- Human computer interfaces and usability in and around Open GI systems
On behalf of the Editor team (Prof. Thierry Badard, Prof. Franz-Josef Behr, Prof. Serena Coetzee, Dr. Luciene Delzari, Dr. Barend Kobben ) for this special issue, i will be happy to hear from potential full paper contributors who are able to submit their full papers before 30th Jan 2015 to email suchithanand76 at gmail.com before 10th Dec 2014. 

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