[OSGeo-Discuss] Map definition services

Pieter De Graef pieter.degraef at geosparc.com
Fri Dec 5 07:11:40 PST 2014

Hi everyone,

for a while now the Geomajas project has the ability to configure maps and
layers in a Java environment for a web client to make use of. Currently
this is done through a web service in the form of a command pattern based

Lately there have been discussions to make such a service more accessible
to other technologies. In this regard I am searching for standards or
proposals or perhaps other projects that have similar ideas. I have
stumbled upon the Web Map Context, which seems a bit limited. I have also
been studying the ESRI GeoServices REST API, which seems like too much work
and too specific.

So, I am hoping anyone here might have some ideas or links that could help
us out in our search. The scope would be mainly a CRUD service for map
definitions. This could at a later moment be extended to include more layer
or feature services.

Kind regards,

Pieter De Graef
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