[OSGeo-Discuss] I need anyone help : Korean Daum Map Mapfish print using GeoExt2

서경섭 ksseo63 at naver.com
Sun Dec 7 20:32:24 PST 2014

Hello everyone,
I am studying mapfish print.
I used to Daum Street map of OpenLayers.
(OpenLayers.Layer.DaumStreet.js file is attached)
I was succeeded to view daum map.
But I don't know how to print map using mapfish print.
I study GeoExt2 print-extent and print-form but I fail to print daum map.
I don't understand how to make the spec of print.pdf protocol.
Daum has 4 urls. "http://i0.maps.daum-img.net/map/image/G03/i/1.20/L${z}/${y}/${x}.png",
I don't know which url is baseURL.
I don't how how to set baseURL or url.
Maybe type : "xyz" ???
Leaflet use type "TMS" I know.
I want to see sample spec to use type "XYZ".
or  in case of tile map service using multiple URL.
I need your help, please.
Thanks in advance.


서경섭(SEO KYUNGSUB)                       (예수, 진, 성, 봉사)

HHP : 82-10-9530-3135,          E-Mail : ksseo63 at naver.com

MSN: ksseo63 at naver.com,  Nate-On : ksseo63 at naver.com

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